Morgan:{Kinnelon, NJ Senior Portraits}

Morgan, I have a great location in mind but we have to jump a fence…I’m not sure we’re supposed to go there…

I saw a spark in her eyes and I knew she was my kind of girl.  She was all in! Morgan is a hockey playing, surfing, homecoming queen and if none of that works out for her, she might want to think about modeling!

beautiful girl Senior photoshoot

Teen girl portraits

Morris County senior picturesWe kept shooting until the sun went down because it was that kind of day. The kind that you don’t want to ever end. We were running back and forth in the “forbidden” field laughing hysterically and being silly, with the final shots of Morgan just being Morgan. She went to go fix her hair and I said please don’t, you look amazing just the way you are. Fresh and beautiful, exactly the way a 17 year old senior in high school is meant to look.

If you’d like to see another recent seniors photoshoot go here.



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