Gianna: {Senior Photoshoot, Bergen County, NJ}

When I think of Gianna I hear laughter. It starts with a throaty chuckle and then just lets loose into this full on infectious laugh. It’s like a door swinging wide open daring me,

Come on in, laugh until it hurts!

And that’s honestly what we did almost the entire photo shoot. Not just little giggles but full on belly laughs, eyes watering, I have to stop to catch my breath laughter.

Bergen County Senior portraits


Senior portraits Bergen County NJ

How I managed to get some more serious images, I’ll never know. But it was  then  that I realized just how stunning Gianna is.

Bergen County senior photographerSenior photoshoot Northern NJ

Gianna do you feel like dancing?

From one dancer to another I knew that was an easy yes. So here we were in a big empty lot, sun shining inside and out, Gianna dancing and me struggling between two loves: photographing and dancing (you can’t do them at the same time. Take my word for it :D).

In Gianna’s words:

OMG that was hands down one of the best times I’ve ever had!

I felt exactly the same way. You can see more Senior Photoshoots here and here.



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