Soaking up Summer Series:Teen Girls & Puddles

I’ll give you the full back story on this Senior Photoshoot next week but I couldn’t keep this video to myself one minute longer!

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Soaking up Summer series: Congratulations Class of 2016!

It’s that time of year when they’re all packing up and heading off…


I wish you nothing but happiness, sunshine and love! Keep being you. It has been a privilege to capture some of, what will become, your memories.Class of 2016, Senior Pictures, NJ Seniors Photographer


High School Senior photoshoot, Bergen County NJGirl laughing, Senior portraitsSenior pictures, Morris County, NJSeniors Photography, Northern NJ

Senior Portraits, Kinnelon NJ

Senior Portraits, Northern NJ




Soaking up summer

This time of year I always feel the urgency of time. Something nipping at the back of my heels. Do you know what that means? Time for me to take a break! To spend more time in the sun and sand with my kids and Mr. Paige P.. To do a little surfing, star gazing, marshmallow toasting and all those summer time things none of us can get enough of. For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a Soaking up Summer Series which are reposts from the past 6 months that have been near and dear to my heart. Time to go play! Happy summer everyone! It’s not over yet!

High School Seniors Photographer, NJ

Bri {Senior Photoshoot, Wayne NJ}

I’ve photographed Bri’s sister. They are triplets. Bri, her sister and the third, a brother (who unbeknownst to him will be photographed as well! Ssssshhh).

No big surprise when Bri walked in the door and said, ” I decked someone during the game today. They were pushing me too far.” Why no big surprise? I’ll give you one guess as to whose sister this is. Johnna’s. Go read about her senior photoshoot if you don’t see the connection yet.  Looking at Bri she is one of the last people (except for maybe her sister) I would expect to hear this from. She (they) seemingly has an alternate personality on the soccer field. It makes me laugh but I’m going to go a little deeper, because it matters to me and all those girls like Bri and Johnna. Tough, smart, athletic girls can also be soft, beautiful and super fun! All you need to do is open your eyes a little wider to see this. Take a look at this blue-eyed stunner below.

High School senior picture of sunlit girl on beach

Sunlit girl smiling with windswept hair

Senior picture of sunlit, blue-eyed girl laying on beach

This is part 2 of 3 from this photoshoot. Can’t wait to show you Bri and Johnna together!

Behind the Scenes

I thought I’d give you a quick peek into what leads up to all these images I post. As you’ll see a senior photoshoot is very serious business.  No fun. At all. The poison ivy clears up, the pricker bushes don’t hurt that much and the photobomb bike rider ring a ding dinging her bell didn’t run us over. Despite the weather, crazy locations I drag us to and all the hair plumping, clothes fixing we all end up laughing. A lot. So you see, all those images I post with everyone looking relaxed, having fun. We really are, relaxed and having fun. Promise.


Johnna {Senior Photoshoot, Wayne NJ}

Johnna is petite, very quiet when you first meet her, sweet with a gorgeous smile on her, almost all of the time (you’ll see why I say almost). Now keep those qualities in mind and follow below for the text stream that took place the night before her senior photoshoot.

Hi Paige! I don’t know if this will be a problem but I have a black eye from soccer!  

No way!!! Are you ok? Send me a pic.

[picture of a very swollen, red, black eye] Yes I’m good!! Sorry I’m all sweaty! (can I just insert here, that a sweaty picture of me would be the last thing I was thinking about and/or apologizing for!:))

…we may have to reschedule…

It’s ok! I will ice it and hopefully it looks better tomorrow so we don’t have to reschedule!

Apparently I can add tough and eternally cheerful to Johnna’s list of qualities as well. The photoshoot happened the following day (after soccer practice). She walked in laughing about it and as you can see below she looked amazing.

This is why I love “my girls”. Never a dull moment and it is always with laughter and grace.  Senior portrait of beautiful red headed girl

Girl laying on boat for senior pictures

Redheaded High School Senior girl at sunset on beach

I’m not even going to tell you which eye it was because a whole lot of ice, sleep and a little bit of cover up did the trick. This is a Part 1 of 3, you’ll see why in the upcoming weeks.


Wild and precious life

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with  your wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

High School senior girl spinning by lake

Wild and precious ….You are offering me your fragile, potential memory. To take care of it and let it bloom. Your wild and precious life will be kept safe with me and a few hours later this memory will be strong and unforgettable.

And this is why I love to spin


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