and she said…

All I said was, pull out anything from your closet that you feel amazing in. Her smile dropped a bit and said…

I don’t feel amazing in anything.

It takes my breath away every time I hear this. I’m looking at this fresh faced, lanky girl with a beautiful smile and hair that just won’t quit and this is the response I get?! Honestly, I hear this in some way shape or form a lot. I’m going to get to the point very quickly here. This is not JUST about getting your picture taken. If that’s all you want, go to the yearbook photographer.

If you want MORE so much MORE.

Get in touch with me to discuss a photoshoot.


Get your happy on

When was the last time you just walked out the door and said it’s time to get my happy on. That’s what I’m doing right now. Back next week. Have an awesome day!

happy on

Spinning away the heaviness

The soul of my business is to give girls the freedom to be in the joy of the moment. To capture a sense of weightlessness with hopes that their prints will forever remind them of that feeling.


I feel that I have to restate this more to myself than anyone else as reassurance that I’m making a difference for the better. There was a time when it was unimaginable to go to school in fear of not coming home. Added to the mix is the ever increasing pressure of excelling at school, sports and piling on the activities in the never ending race to get into a better school, to get a better job… I quite honestly can’t imagine being a kid today.

I always have a set during photoshoots when I ask the girls to spin. I almost feel that it’s cathartic,

…spinning away the heaviness that we don’t even know is there. Getting back to that little kid without a care in the world. I’ll never stop that. I’ll never stop laughing and getting silly with them.

It may sound frivolous in the whole scheme of things but I do believe it’s one small step towards making kids feel like kids again.

Take a look at what Becky has to say about her photoshoot and how it made her feel or go to Instagram and see Jillian blissfully swinging. What are the little things you do to make your kids feel like kids?

Happy Valentines Day

This has become an annual photoshoot with my Senior Model Reps and it’s one I’m always sure we’ll be laughing until it hurts. Do what you love. Love the ones you’re with. Have a Happy Valentines day!

There is always laughter involved at our photoshoots. Take a look here at how Squad 2017 kicked off.

How it all begins…

This is a handful of girls who have been on the Paige P. Senior Model Squad over the past few years. Senior Model Reps are a group of girls that I photograph over the course of a full year. It all begins in the same way irregardless of their personality and whether or not they’re with me for the full year or a single time.

At the start there’s a little bit of a hesitation, a slight uneasiness, feeling awkward. Not too long after that there is a shift. I can see it in their eyes, in the way they move and how quickly they are to laugh and giggle. They look as if they are becoming lighter and filled with light. And  that’s it, right there,  the feeling they will never forget.

That’s from a blog I posted 3 years ago when I photographed, my then, 13 year old daughter (yes, it’s the same even with my daughter). There is nothing better than watching that transformation. For any of you parents who have had their daughters come to you asking over the past week to do this, trust me, it’s worth the time to come to a meeting to find out what it’s about. Below are just a few comments from some of the parents of these girls.

If you have a teen girl this is the photographer for you!…Do it!

I didn’t realize I was holding my breath while watching the most beautiful video montage of my daughter…I didn’t want to miss a thing!!! …Thank you for the incredible experience & photographs you’ve given us.

Oh my gosh! This has been the best experience ever for Giovanna (my daughter). I’m going to miss seeing all the clips and images you put out of the girls. This has been an investment I will never, ever regret. Please don’t forget that I have a younger daughter. Thank you for everything.

Being a senior model rep for Paige P Photography has been an amazing experience for my daughter, as well as the rest of my family! Billye had a blast doing the photo shoots…. I treasure all the beautiful prints we received! .They are absolutely priceless! I know that Billye is very sad that this experience has come to an end.

The pictures were positively beautiful!  As we went from one picture to the next I felt waves of emotion come over me.  My little girl is growing up – getting ready to spread her wings.  And Paige captured dozens of wonderfully precious images that I will treasure as she does just that!

Paige has given me beautiful pictures of my daughters and they have both loved this experience. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Paige and would highly recommend her to everyone!

OMG Paige! The prints and folio box are so AMAZING! So, so happy we did this! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

I wanted to thank you for taking those amazing pictures. You have definitely captured the spirit of my daughter and the way I always want to think of her.I have these image to keep with me forever….

Follow my Instagram and over the next couple of weeks you’ll get more insight into what being on the Paige P. Squad is like.


Are you a Junior girl, Class of 2019?


ARE YOU A JUNIOR, CLASS OF 2019? WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING  APPLICATIONS FOR OUR 2019 SENIOR SQUAD! (sneak peek below of a page from the 2019 Senior Model Rep Magazine)


We are looking for free-spirited, adventurous, junior girls (class of 2019). They must be outgoing and energetic, up for anything and love our style.  Over the course of the year they’ll be part of creative photoshoots that take on the spirit and energy of Paige P. and her brand. If chosen, they will be featured on our senior websites, media pages, social networks and in our Class of 2019 campaigns.

Our program is designed for girls that want to meet new friends, who are up for new experiences and want to get their senior portraits done by us during their senior year. There are EXCLUSIVE benefits for our parents and seniors that are only offered through this program.

The Paige P. Model Squad are the faces of our studio during their senior year and beyond. We have a great alumni group that continues to benefit from our program.


GO HERE for more information and an APPLICATION.

Are You Ready Class of 2019?

It’s on its way! We’ll soon be releasing the application for Paige P. Senior Model Squad 2019. Stay Tuned… I’m super excited for what’s to come! (Below: sneak peek of a page from the  2019 Model Rep Magazine).Paige P. Class of 2019 Senior Model Rep Magazine sneak peek


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