Back to School Photoshoot {Ridgewood, NJ}

High School Senior photoshoot magazine style

There’s nothing I love better than creating and photographing a magazine style shoot. I called in a few of my senior model reps, pulled some amazing clothes from Urban Club, handmade jewelry from Kim Satin Jewelry and called on my favorite HMUAs, Miranda and Michelle to do a fun back to school shoot. We shot this at Ridgewood High School and as always I scouted it out on the same day/time that I would be having the shoot. It was perfect, quiet, no distractions. One week later we pulled into the parking lot and found ourselves among a parade of yellow school buses dropping teams off, a soccer game in front of the bleachers and practices on another field. To say it was buzzing is an understatement! I looked at the girls and said let’s try and look for a quiet place and they said why, we’ll go anywhere you want. They were totally cool with it! Now granted, at this point they’ve been photographed by me a few times but still! They were total pros. We just did our thing. They felt great, looked great and had this unbelievable confidence. That confidence is going to be with them for the rest of their lives. Senior pictures are not just about being pretty.

Senior pictures of boho styled teens


Back to school photoshoot with senior girls

Click on Nicole, Bri and Nicole’s name to see images from their individual senior photoshoots. Have you visited the updated website?

Nicole W. {Senior Portraits, Wayne NJ}

When you book a photoshoot with me we have a pre-shoot consultation not only to go over outfits but to get to know each other. This is when I usually find out if you have a passion and we talk about how we can incorporate that into your photoshoot.Nicole is pure sunshine. It’s rare that she doesn’t have this light up the world smile on her face.She’s a cheerleader and it was important to her mom that she had a few shots of Nicole in her cheer outfit. I’m paraphrasing but in her mom’s words, the last 12 years have been spent absorbed in cheer, it would be great to get a couple of nice shots.I think we can all relate!

I teasingly asked, can you do tricks?

Cheerleader jumping for senior portrait

Nicole went on to give me a list starting with a back flip. That’s what I get for asking! Cheerleading tricks aside…We had her spinning, laying in the sand and generally doing what we do best, having fun and capturing some incredibly natural, expressive images.

Long-haired girl spinning in sun

High school girl laying on beach portrait

Senior portrait of teen girl in hat

Go check out Nicole’s video from her photoshoot. It’s on my new website! Lauren’s passion was riding her horse JD. Take a look…


Soaking up Summer Series finale: YOUR PERSONAL ESSAY IN PICTURES


I’ve been in search of a college advisor to help with the personal essay portion of the college application. While speaking with an advisor today, she was explaining how she likes to pull threads eventually getting to the core of who that person is. What makes them tick and why…their true personality. She was giving examples, we discussed my son and she spent a whole lot of time with me (awesome!). Towards the end of our conversation

I blurted out, you do exactly what I do the only difference being is that I photograph their personality.

I told her I was a seniors photographer and started to continue when she said, I know you! You’re Paige P. It was funny and yes, I have to admit gratifying BUT the point is, a photoshoot is not much different (ok, it’s a whole lot more fun!) than a personal essay. You’ll have the gestures, looks and smiles that you’ve fallen in love with over and over for the past 17 years. Now it’s time to get it down on paper before they leave.

Coffee table photo books do just that. I love these books! They’re my most popular item and do you know why? They show so many different aspects of your daughter’s personality. Take a look at a few of the spreads. Now it’s your turn to call me and set up a shoot.

Album spread, teen portrait

Senior portraits, album

Senior pictures,album pages, New Jersey photographer

Senior Portraits, Wayne NJ photographer

Every coffee table book comes with a video of her photoshoot with behind the scenes shots, video and all the images from her photoshoot. Take a look at my YouTube channel. Have you subscribed to it yet?

Soaking up Summer Series: LET GO!

With school just around the corner, something for me to keep in mind.

Let go. That’s what I tell the girls I’m photographing all the time. Stop thinking. Be in the moment.

Senior pictures, Kinnelon, outdoor portrait.jpg

Now, it’s a mantra of sorts that I keep whispering to myself.  I’m the parent of a junior in high school and have been caught up in the tornado of ACTs, SATs, GPAs, APs. Did you register for this? Have your scores come? Are you on the honor roll? Did you visit this college? What about that college? It goes on and on and on. Quite honestly it has left me exhausted with my head spinning.

It all started this past fall when it was the best time for us to look at schools. So visit we did. My husband and I pulled into the parking lot of University #1, looked at each other and were quite literally speechless. How did we get to this point? Weren’t we just playing volleyball on the beach, trying to decide which party to go to that night? Then we visited another and then another after that. I can’t believe I’m saying this but thankfully the hockey schedule eventually prohibited us from more visits.

Then ten days prior to taking the first round of SATs my son got a concussion, which required jumping through a lot of hoops to reschedule. It is now late spring and my son is on strike (from visiting additional schools). Somewhat frustrated I asked him, why? Mom, I’m going to get into a school and I’m sure it will happen for a reason. If I’m not happy we’ll figure it out. Instead of processing what he was saying all I could think of was that he has actually been listening to me for the past 16 years! That is exactly what I would be saying to him, had I not been swallowed up by the college admissions tornado!

I’m sick of talking about schools. I’m sick of worrying about which school he’ll be going to. All I want to do is to absolutely soak up and enjoy this coming year. I don’t want to look back and regret that I was so worked up over this whole school thing that I didn’t enjoy having him around his final year of high school. So. I’m extricating myself from the tornado. Let it go. It all works out for a reason. I really do believe that, always have, always will. I just needed a 16 year old to remind me of that.


Soaking up Summer Series:Teen Girls & Puddles

I’ll give you the full back story on this Senior Photoshoot next week but I couldn’t keep this video to myself one minute longer!

Have you subscribed to my youtube channel? Take a look.

Soaking up Summer series: Congratulations Class of 2016!

It’s that time of year when they’re all packing up and heading off…


I wish you nothing but happiness, sunshine and love! Keep being you. It has been a privilege to capture some of, what will become, your memories.Class of 2016, Senior Pictures, NJ Seniors Photographer


High School Senior photoshoot, Bergen County NJGirl laughing, Senior portraitsSenior pictures, Morris County, NJSeniors Photography, Northern NJ

Senior Portraits, Kinnelon NJ

Senior Portraits, Northern NJ




Soaking up summer

This time of year I always feel the urgency of time. Something nipping at the back of my heels. Do you know what that means? Time for me to take a break! To spend more time in the sun and sand with my kids and Mr. Paige P.. To do a little surfing, star gazing, marshmallow toasting and all those summer time things none of us can get enough of. For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a Soaking up Summer Series which are reposts from the past 6 months that have been near and dear to my heart. Time to go play! Happy summer everyone! It’s not over yet!

High School Seniors Photographer, NJ

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