2016 Gift Guide:Teen Girls

If you’re holiday shopping for a teen girl I’ve got the gift guide for you! These suggestions came straight from some Paige P. Senior Model Reps WITH links. Good luck with your shopping! (Below is a clip from our holiday photoshoot, more to come).


It’s getting chilly outside and the most popular items on the list were COMFY WINTER SCARVES, here and here. WARM SWEATERS to cuddle up in, keep cozy or to sit fireside. Don’t forget BOOTS, knee high or over the knee, to keep those feet warm.

JEWELRY was the next most popular item on the list: wrap bracelets, bolo necklaces and pandora charms.

For the ATHLETIC you can’t wrong with Lululemon leggings or anything Nike: leggings, thermal tops and sneakers. List toppers at my house this year!

I’m asked a lot about recommendations for a STARTER CAMERA which also happens to be on a couple of the girls’ lists. I’m a Canon shooter but I’m sure Nikon has an equivalent. You can’t go wrong with the Canon Rebel.  Those who are more about live action the GoPro Hero 5 is great.

And then of course you can gift your favorite free-spirited teen girl with an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE  by purchasing a Paige P. gift card.


Anna D.: {Senior Photoshoot, Wayne NJ}

Anna was looking for headshots to send out with her college applications. She and her mom came in to take a look at my work and see if it would transfer to what they were in need of. I think they picked up one or two prints and it was settled. Anna, was quite literally, bouncing out of her skin when her mom said let’s do it. Yes, you’ll get beautiful images that can be used for headshots but more importantly an experience that will be remembered forever.

Redheaded teen portrait agains bricks

Beach pictures of teen girl laying in sand

I had another mom and daughter come in not too long ago looking for photographs and then after seeing the finaly gallery realized they wanted to use them for headshots too. Eva’s photoshoot is coming to the blog soon. You can find a sneak peek on my Instagram where things got silly very quickly!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so incredibly thankful for the girls who share their smiles and laughter with me every day.

Have a great day!


Do you have a sister?

Photographing sisters tugs at my heart. It’s the silent interaction between them. They probably don’t even know they’re doing it, but I see it. The quick catch in their eyes when they look at each other. It’s sweet, touching and magical. Bri and Johnna are triplets (I keep threatening to photograph their brother). A first for me and I’ve discovered even more special. Take a look…

Do you have a sister? Are you a twin, triplet…? I would love to photograph you! Get in touch.




The power of a print

There is nothing more powerful than seeing yourself in prints.  It’s a tactile memory, a legacy item, one of the few treasures in life that increases in value with age. My house is filled with prints of my children and family. Do you know who I can always count on to stop and really take a minute to look at them, then comment? My kids friends. They did it when they were young and are still stopping to look now that they’re in their teens.  Something to think about the next time you think your iphone photos are enough.



Natalia K: Senior Portrait {Kinnelon, NJ}

When she laughs it’s quite literally from the tips of her toes. Her head tilts back, mouth wide open, enormous smile and laughter tumbles out. It’s part of her physicality, it’s all encompassing and wraps you up in joyful warmth. There’s no sensoring, no half-heartedness to it. She’s all in. When I capture that essence it makes me tingle all over.

Teen girl laying down with flowers in hair, senior portraits

Portrait of sunlit teen girl

Have you seen Gianna or Jade’s photoshoot?  They’re other teens that I couldn’t stop laughing with.



If you’re following us on Instagram or Facebook you’ll see that we’ve self-declared it Happiness Week. I know high school seniors are starting to feel a little stressed right about now. The first round of college application deadlines are just around the corner which means it’s time to #getyourhappyon.  Tag, text, forward anything that will lighten the mood a bit for your high school seniors. Give them something to smile about and let them know this too will pass. Moms, I may just be indulging in some wine very soon. Anyone care to join me?!

What’s the one thing that will always make you smile?


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