When the decision is made

This is going to be a short and sweet post. If I delve too deeply I’ll most likely disconnect my keyboard with all the tears dripping down on it. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ve seen the occasional heartfelt posts about our college prep/search journey through junior and senior year with my son. Almost a week ago we were anticipating our final 2 college visits. The year long process has been a roller coaster and I was ready for the final decision to be made, I think. The reason I say, I think, is because I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after that decision.

We’re now on the other side and my son fell in love with his school of choice. I think it’s perfect for him.  Now, it’s real. He’s going away. Far away. It’s heart wrenching thinking about him leaving home but it also feels right. It’s time and he is so excited and happy. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? As a mom, I guess, I’ve been preparing for this since the day he was born; to raise a happy, healthy child who will grow into an amazing adult. And that is what I try to keep in my head with every day we get closer to the time that he leaves.

I’m sure I’ve got a few more of these wandering, emotional posts in me before end of August. If you’d like to catch up on the past few you can go here here or here.


Finding the wonder

Yes, it’s the middle of March and we’ve been hit with a major blizzard here in northwest New Jersey. It may not be what you had in mind. It may have caused some slowing down, rescheduling and it is definitely out of the ordinary.

Isn’t that life though?

Go play in the snow, get silly and find the wonder in it all. See more from this photoshoot here.


Class of 2017 Senior Squad: Best of

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that I was getting ready to recruit my Senior Squad: Class of 2018. In the process I pulled together a showreel to give them a feel for what their year with me would be like.  A lot of smiles and laughter, some glam and in general a really great year with a lot of lasting memories. I hope with all my heart that I gave my class of 2017 squad a chance to let go, be free and to feel amazing about exactly who they are. We’re not done yet though!

If you missed The Power of Video post, take a look.


What you need to know about campus social life series. {1}

I’ve done my fair share of campus visits over the past year. We have two more to go in another couple of weeks and then it’s decision time! I ask a lot of questions when we’re on the tours, thankfully my son finds it funny. Have you ever noticed that no matter how you ask the question about social life all you get is the politically correct response. Well we have the most recent movies playing and there are great plays and jazz ensembles at the cultural center… Ummmmmmm, ok. I have a hockey-playing, rough and tumble, fun-loving BOY and I’m not naive! So here’s what I’m doing about this…I touched base with a whole bunch of my Paige P. girls (who are NOT wallflowers!) and asked them about social life at their respective schools. We’re going to be covering a very wide range of schools with this series! Stay tuned and subscribe in the upper left hand corner so you don’t miss a post.

First up…Fordham University. Morgan  is majoring in journalism with minors in Spanish and Fashion. If anyone can pull this off, it’s Morgan.


HOW I MET MY CLOSEST FRIENDS: We all lived on the same floor in my dorm last year.

DORM ADVICE: Definitely freshman year leave your door open to make it a community and get to know the people on your floor. Even if you don’t stay friends with them, it’s always nice having some people you could at least go grab lunch with and know since they’re in such close proximity

DORM, GREEK, OTHER: Bars are definitely the biggest here. There’s no Greek life which I personally love so the bars are always fun. House parties at the sports team or club houses off campus are a nice change up from the bars too but they don’t happen as often. 

LATE NIGHT CRAVING: Always a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel from Rams Deli, as it is everyone’s favorite and it’s always packed, especially after a night out.

MOST FUN CAMPUS TRADITIONS: Spring weekend when they have all different free events for us on campus like a concert and a dance and it’s all weekend long and everyone throws parties and there’s always something to do.

FAVORITE DISCOVERY OFF CAMPUS: Free access to the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens which are both right across the street and so fun to go to in the nice weather.

FAVORITE DISCOVERY ON CAMPUS: The ramvan because it’s a super convenient way to get downtown without having to walk to the metro north or d train subway.

STUDY TIP:  Study out of your room because every time I try and study in my room I end up in bed taking buzzfeed quizzes on my computer rather than being productive.

SECRET STUDY SPOT: The basement of Walsh Library because less people go down there and there’s usually an empty conference room I can grab with my friends and sprawl out in.

BEST CUP OF COFFEE:  Off campus at Prince Coffee on Arthur Ave.

MOST RECENT GOOGLE SEARCH Trying to find the interview of the little boy from Moonlight on NY Times while I was watching the Oscars last night.

MOST USED APP: Definitely snapchat! It’s a nice way to see what’s going on around campus with your friends.

I MISSED MY FAMILY THE MOST WHEN:  My roommate freshman year would go home frequently on the weekends in the beginning of the year, but i got over it by trying to be social and make friends.


LAST TIME I DID LAUNDRY: I did laundry last night. It’s a hit or miss on Sundays because the laundry room always fills up so quickly but it was surprisingly empty last night.

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What comes from inspiration. Part 1

At a recent photoshoot there were myself, 2 assistants, 2 models, 1 designer and a designer/musician/model. The location was an old factory layered in paint and patina with enormous sky-high windows. Floor after floor opened up to rooms that screamed pick me! We did nothing but oooooh and aaahhh our way through the place. It was, to say the least, a creatively inspirational day.

Casey has been my assistant for over 2 years now and is off to school to study film making next year.  She’ll be missed. This is a film that Casey made from the shoot. I didn’t ask her to do this, she simply sent it to me a few days afterwards. It’s soulful and perfectly depicts what it felt like to be there. Take a look below, go to OrangeLeaf Films and then follow her youtube channel. I can’t wait to see how her work evolves. Maybe, just maybe she’ll come back and help me out during school breaks!(?)

Did you see the post Why you need to do what you love? It’s from the same photoshoot.





Want to play in the snow?

It has been one of those winters that most people are very happy about; somewhat mild temperatures and very little snow. I’m not so into that. The snowier the better for me. I know, I’m in the minority, winter is one of my favorite seasons. When it snowed last week I couldn’t wait to get out there and have some fun creating a winter fantasy. A few years ago I had photographed, what I called, Prom on Ice which the girls had a blast with. We did a spin off from that and pushed the fantasy part.

I’m certain this was a little bit out of Bri‘s comfort zone: freezing weather, bare legs, a ballroom skirt and tophat (!) BUT like all of “my” Paige P. girls she was all in…moral of the story …

Outside of the comfort zone, is where the magic happens!




Who wants to play in the snow? Contact me for a winter photoshoot and let’s see what kind of winter wonderland we can style together.



My funny valentines

All it took was a bag full of pink fluffy boas and red kitschy props to get this Valentines photoshoot underway. This is what happened…sweet, sassy, silly.


You can find the video from this Valentines photoshoot posted next Tuesday on my YouTube channel.




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