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Lainey L. {Senior Portrait: Kinnelon, NJ}

Lainey is one of four in her family, the other 3 being brothers. When I met her mom she couldn’t have been more excited to give a photoshoot to Lainey as a gift. And as you would expect from a girl with three brothers she is competitive, athletic, strong willed and a lot of fun. She is my answer to the girls, who I know, follow my Instagram account and think

I’d really love to do that BUT sports is my thing, that’s a little too girly…(although it really does look fun).

To me, that’s putting yourself in a box. Why does being athletic and competitive mean you can’t look pretty and feminine. Why wouldn’t you want to be seen as both? Why do we love the “renaissance” guys? You know the ones who are tough but also show their sensitive side, i.e. a lacrosse player who is artistic. If you want to do something but are concerned what others think then maybe it’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone.

Teen portrait of a girl laying in the sand at beachHigh School senior portrait of blond girlHigh School senior portrait of girl on beachHigh School Senior picture

If you need a little more convincing go to the blog post about Johnna. She showed up to her shoot with a black eye after an altercation on the field. Not even kidding!

I started a new feature on Instagram for the next few months. #wordWednesday. They are words that closely identify with both the girls that I photograph and myself personally.  Lainey is up this week. What are your words?


Back to School Photoshoot {Ridgewood, NJ}

High School Senior photoshoot magazine style

There’s nothing I love better than creating and photographing a magazine style shoot. I called in a few of my senior model reps, pulled some amazing clothes from Urban Club, handmade jewelry from Kim Satin Jewelry and called on my favorite HMUAs, Miranda and Michelle to do a fun back to school shoot. We shot this at Ridgewood High School and as always I scouted it out on the same day/time that I would be having the shoot. It was perfect, quiet, no distractions. One week later we pulled into the parking lot and found ourselves among a parade of yellow school buses dropping teams off, a soccer game in front of the bleachers and practices on another field. To say it was buzzing is an understatement! I looked at the girls and said let’s try and look for a quiet place and they said why, we’ll go anywhere you want. They were totally cool with it! Now granted, at this point they’ve been photographed by me a few times but still! They were total pros. We just did our thing. They felt great, looked great and had this unbelievable confidence. That confidence is going to be with them for the rest of their lives. Senior pictures are not just about being pretty.

Senior pictures of boho styled teens


Back to school photoshoot with senior girls

Click on Nicole, Bri and Nicole’s name to see images from their individual senior photoshoots. Have you visited the updated website?

Gypsy Soul: Live, Love, Wander

I followed my heart. I didn’t have a plan. There was no big vision, no storyboard. I went with my gut. I pulled the jewelry and outfits that I really loved. I styled Billye and Carlie by how it felt. We went to a wide open space with fields and streams, my favorite kind of place. We were graced with an afternoon kissed by the sun. We laughed, climbed rocks, ran through fields, laughed some more. It was the kind of day that I wished could have lasted forever.  I still had no idea what to do with all of the images and then by serendipity landed on the image of Billye with the flash tattoo. Live. Love. Wander.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do. That is me. This video is me. It goes to the core of who I am and who I am as a photographer. I am embarrassed to admit to the countless times I have watched and rewatched this but it’s true. I hope it gives you the same feeling that it does me.

HMUA: Miranda Richards  clothes: Urban Club Clothing Co. accessories: Coco & Bailey

Did you see our creative boho photoshoot from last summer?


How I spent my Saturday

What happens when you put a bunch of free-spirited High School aged girls with a whole lot of style in a boutique filled with clothing by Free People, Shoshonna….?. And then!… You tell them to go crazy and put together a bunch of outfits. Chaos, maybe a little bit, smiles, huge and tons of laughter! That’s exactly what we did this past Saturday.

Urban Club Clothing Co. is run by, co-marketing partner and friend, Amy. She had an enormous amount of new spring clothes come in that we just HAD TO show to everyone and anyone. I put a call out to “the girls” and in Nicole’s words

This is the best! We get to play dress-up in awesome clothes


have our pictures taken. It’s a no brainer. 

This is just a sampling of the outfits we put together and what Urban Club has…stop in to see it all and let them know Paige P. sent you.

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High Low Holiday

Every closet I go into has at least a few (if not more) formal dresses hanging. It’s a little tough to see these gorgeous dresses that I’m sure have been worn only once, left unused. I’ve also seen the pictures of the girls in these dresses, looking beautiful and maybe (?) a little stiff. How many of you have super natural photos of you in formal attire? Be honest! So with that being said…I feel a photoshoot coming on. We’re going high low for the holidays. Formal dresses made a little more comfy and of course having a few laughs along the way. Inspiration board below. Photos to follow soon. Have a great day!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.43.12 PM

Take a look at the last photoshoot that we used formal dresses. It was a showstopper, not even kidding!

Pinkspiration: Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Photoshoot

They felt like pink power rangers, pink powder puffs, cotton candy and pretty in pink. Those were just a few things the senior models had to say while they were getting pinked out to the nth degree. All for a little Pinkspiration.

Book a photoshoot in October and $100 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Pink makeup for Breast Cancer Awareness

Contact me, let’s do some good AND have fun all at the same time.

Trust and a Boho Photoshoot {Northern NJ Seniors Photographer}

I’ve been sitting on this photoshoot for over a month now. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe because it became so much better than I ever thought possible that it left me speechless . Maybe because there were so many different aspects to talk about that I was paralyzed by choices or maybe it’s because I was surrounded by a bunch of girls/women that trusted me so unequivocally it quite literally stopped me in my tracks. And that is where I landed. With TRUST.

Senior Photoshoot, northern NJ

“Trust rarely buys round-trip tickets because she is never sure how long she will be gone and when she will return.”

J. Ruth Gendler

I’m an emotional photographer, if you haven’t figured that out already. I shoot with my heart. When I create these editorial photoshoots I think of how I want them to feel first, not how everything should be styled. Does that make sense? When I have 4 high school seniors, 2 hair and makeup artists, 2 assistants, a clothing store and jewelry designer all on board with a vision that isn’t quite a vision but is actually a feeling…that’s trust. I am honored and incredibly grateful to have that trust. But what’s even better is that I watched 4 senior girls trusting in themselves, adding to the creative process while, most importantly, laughing the entire time. Look at the images. They are OWNING it! I believe the power of confidence and trusting in yourself will always take you places you never thought possible.

High School senior pictures, Boho, Wayne, NJ

Boho photoshoot, high school senior pictures, NJ

Senior photos, high school girls, Northern NJ

High school senior pictures, Wayne NJ

If you’d like to see the Look Book from this photoshoot go here.

Credits – Clothing: Urban Club Clothing, Jewelry: Kim Satin Jewelry, HMU: Miranda Richards, Michelle Elise Artistry