Jillian: {Senior Photoshoot, Kinnelon, NJ}

She was hesitant, I knew by the look in her eyes. So we took a few minutes from the growing pile of outfits stacked up on her bed and sat on the floor. What is it Jillian? Long story short she thought that a photoshoot looked like so much fun but felt she wasn’t the “model type”. Whoa! The what?! This has absolutely nothing to do with body type or being pretty enough (I hate that phrase!). If you’ve got that inner free-spirit and are willing to push past that ridiculous little voice in your head saying you’re not enough then I promise you, you will look and feel amazing. I saw the shift and I knew it was going to be a good one. Jillian, you are more than enough!!

Senior pictures, Kinnelon New Jersey

I love looking back a year ago to see who I was photographing at the time. Take a look at Morgan’s photoshoot who also went to the same high school as Jillian.



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