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Summer nights at the carnival

They were five girls with a fistful of tickets on a perfect July night at the local carnival. The only decisions to be made were which rides and do we go for the cotton candy now or later? When it did come for cotton candy time they were going to give it to us in a bag! We all looked at each other, more or less in shock and then asked for it on a stick. Eating cotton candy out of a bag?!?! Off the stick is far more fun! Thanks to Urban Club clothing for the super cute dresses and tops!

Senior photos on the merry go round at carnivalSenior pictures at the carnival Northern NJHigh School girls at the carnivalHigh School senior portraits at the carnivalSunlit nights at the carnival eating cotton candySenior portraits at the carnivalHigh School senior girls pictures at the carnivalHave you booked your fall photoshoot yet? Get in touch!


Soaking up summer

This time of year I always feel the urgency of time. Something nipping at the back of my heels. Do you know what that means? Time for me to take a break! To spend more time in the sun and sand with my kids and Mr. Paige P.. To do a little surfing, star gazing, marshmallow toasting and all those summer time things none of us can get enough of. For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a Soaking up Summer Series which are reposts from the past 6 months that have been near and dear to my heart. Time to go play! Happy summer everyone! It’s not over yet!

High School Seniors Photographer, NJ


Behind the Scenes: Sneak Peek

It wouldn’t be a normal photoshoot if the unexpected didn’t happen. It’s a story for afterwards and almost always something we laugh about on the way home. We’ve been photo-bombed by dogs and bicyclists, one of us will usually get stuck in a pricker bush and we almost inevitably have our eye on someone “official” asking us to leave a location we were simply borrowing for a few minutes! BUT, we have never set anything on fire…until now. It was tiny, there were no big huge flames, the fire department wasn’t called and we were on top of water, literally. But the flag almost went up in flames. It’s all good though. The flag is a little worse for the wear, but we had a lot of fun playing with sparklers. Here’s a sneak peek (Can’t show you everything until the 4th!). I know there are 3 Paige P. seniors laughing right now while reading this! xoxo

What’s on your long weekend bucket list for the Fourth? Make it fun and sparkly!


Worth the Wait

We had scheduled this creative photoshoot at least 3 times beginning in July of last year. The schedules and/or weather didn’t allow for it up until about a month ago. The sun-kissed afternoon was one of the first days to whisper that summer was on its way and with that everyone was feeling a little lighter. It was worth the wait. Take a look.




Boho photoshoot

If you’d like to see the video from this photoshoot take a look here.  Hair and makeup by Miranda Richards. Clothing by Urban Club Clothing Co.  Accessories and jewelry by Coco and Bailey.


Style Inspiration: Summer to Fall High School Seniors photoshoot

Inspired by one of my High School Senior Model Reps, Delaney.
She loves her combat boots! And I love styling Senior photoshoots
with clothes that my seniors love, feel good in and, as Delaney
admitted, sometimes are a little nervous to wear for the first
time (that’s where the adventurous comes in!).
Combat boots summer to fall transition
It’s all about contrasts: short dress/long cardigan, heavy denim/
lightweight dress. Combat boots are heavy. Balance it with a light
slip dress.  You get the idea.
Did you know that every photoshoot comes with it’s own styling appointment?
It beats the black drape!
To see another styleboard go here or visit my Pinterest Board here.

Surfs up!

My first time surfing was 2 years ago. It was always something I’ve wanted to do and I did it! I even stood up for a fleeting few seconds.

IMG_0134 surf w kids

The only problem now is that I’ve been bitten by the surf bug and it’s a sport that I want to learn how to do for more than just a few fleeting seconds.  What Adventuress’ would like to go to a girl’s surf camp with me? Any suggestions for a girl’s surf camp?

If I were to surf….

surf inspirationNot just for boys…



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Classic men’s white shirt

I think a men’s white shirt over a bathing suit is one of the prettiest, sexiest cover-ups a woman can wear to the beach. Especially if it’s one you’ve snuck out of your favorite guy’s closet.

Peter Lindbergh

Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Vogue, April 1992

It’s universal and every woman can wear this look, regardless of age, size or shape which is what a classic is meant to be. Team it up with your summer glow and a few accessories. You’ll look picture perfect.

white shirt styleboard