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Catie & Lauren R. {Senior Pictures: Kinnelon NJ}

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love photoshoots with sisters. This one with twins Catie and Lauren was no different. We had originally scheduled this for the winter but ended up rescheduling it to one of those unusual days in early spring when the weather was actually cooperating and it felt like early summer.

It sounds odd but there is almost a rhythm that twins/triplets have with each other. It’s not something I can place my finger on but it’s a give and take that is almost rhythmical. I experienced it with Bri and Johnna last year also. I find it fascinating. There’s a comfort level between them that makes the entire shoot extremely calm.

Wistfully, their mom had said they had their portraits when they were babies and now as seniors before they’re off to college this coming fall to 2 different schools.

Twin sisters' senior pictures


Sunlit girl laying in field of grass for senior portrait



Do you have a sister?

Photographing sisters tugs at my heart. It’s the silent interaction between them. They probably don’t even know they’re doing it, but I see it. The quick catch in their eyes when they look at each other. It’s sweet, touching and magical. Bri and Johnna are triplets (I keep threatening to photograph their brother). A first for me and I’ve discovered even more special. Take a look…

Do you have a sister? Are you a twin, triplet…? I would love to photograph you! Get in touch.




The Rhythm of Sisters

I didn’t grow up with any sisters, 2 brothers,  which was really ok by me. It wasn’t as if I had a choice. I’m somewhat fascinated with watching the dynamics of sisters and how they interact. I feel one step removed because it’s not a relationship that I’ve ever had, which may be in fact why I find it so fascinating to watch. I thought this would be a great photoshoot to kick off the month of February with. There’s so much emphasis placed on Valentines day representing romantic love but to me it’s all about love. Plain and simple (maybe not so simple).

Bergen County, teen portrait photographerThese two sisters treat each other with such kindness and generosity that it’s really beautiful to not only watch but to listen to. I doubt they realize it but there is a rhythm to the chatter between each other. It’s filled with give and take and has a palpable warmth to it. When they were choosing images I became mesmerized by it. By the gentle rhythm of the back and forth, making decisions, glancing at each other for a read on the other’s thoughts. It was special. It was also really fun to photograph. Take a look ….

Teen portraits, sisters, New Jersey photographer

teen pictures, portrait photographer, Northern NJ

sisters, teen portraits, northern NJ

What is your most special relationship outside of a romantic one?  This isn’t Giovanna’s first time in front of my lens. Go take a look at Giovanna’s senior photoshoot.