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When was the last time you were on a swingset?

Happy Spring! I think it’s finally here in northern NJ. It was a long wait and apparently my Paige P. Senior Model Reps had cabin fever:) They saw a brook and the shoes came off.  I set them loose on a playground and, well you can see the results. I couldn’t get them off the swings until I pointed out the monkey bars. Not even kidding. It’s going to be a very good year with these girls and this isn’t even half of them. So. Much. Fun! Get outside and play.

Group portrait of teen girls in glower garden

I have a few openings left for this summer. Give me a call to book a summer photoshoot while you can.


Why I laugh and cry at this photoshoot.

This photoshoot has become an annual event where I start out laughing and inevitably end up crying. I pull together “my girls” who I’ve been working with all year long and my new squad for the upcoming year. I love getting them together because, although I never meant for this to happen, the current girls end up doing a little bit of coaching and put the new girls more at ease. It’s always a silly photoshoot that is all about laughing and letting loose. But then we run out of puddles, color powder (more on that in a future post) and the photoshoot ends.  I say goodbye to my class of 2017 girls; as I said, I inevitably end up crying. I’ve watched them change before me whether they realize it or not and  I really do feel like they’re “my girls”. It’s bittersweet, it reminds me that time is fleeting and I think I’m more emotional than ever since I also have my first child going off to college. So to Bri, Johnna, Nicole F., Nicole W., Natalia and Taylor: keep in touch, let me know when you’re leaving for school and come visit me on breaks. xoxo, Paige.


You’ve only seen the very beginning of what turned out to be a very colorful photoshoot. Come back next week for more or better yet subscribe in the upper left hand corner to have a post sent to your inbox every Thursday.



My funny valentines

All it took was a bag full of pink fluffy boas and red kitschy props to get this Valentines photoshoot underway. This is what happened…sweet, sassy, silly.


You can find the video from this Valentines photoshoot posted next Tuesday on my YouTube channel.




Happy Holidays!

High School Senior girls in field with gifts for holiday photoshoot

If you need a few giggles, go to my Instagram page for out takes from this shoot.



All it took was a pickup truck, some packages and a bunch of bundled up senior girls (plus one senior guy to do the heavy lifting & 4 wheel driving) to get our holiday spirit on! If I could gift everyone the laughter and joy that these photoshoots bring me (and hopefully everyone who sees them) this world would be a much happier place. Enjoy some of the silliness or in keeping with the spirit…some of our Reindeer Games!


Do you have a sister?

Photographing sisters tugs at my heart. It’s the silent interaction between them. They probably don’t even know they’re doing it, but I see it. The quick catch in their eyes when they look at each other. It’s sweet, touching and magical. Bri and Johnna are triplets (I keep threatening to photograph their brother). A first for me and I’ve discovered even more special. Take a look…

Do you have a sister? Are you a twin, triplet…? I would love to photograph you! Get in touch.





If you’re following us on Instagram or Facebook you’ll see that we’ve self-declared it Happiness Week. I know high school seniors are starting to feel a little stressed right about now. The first round of college application deadlines are just around the corner which means it’s time to #getyourhappyon.  Tag, text, forward anything that will lighten the mood a bit for your high school seniors. Give them something to smile about and let them know this too will pass. Moms, I may just be indulging in some wine very soon. Anyone care to join me?!

What’s the one thing that will always make you smile?