Summer vacation, FINALLY!

Schools out and it’s time for summer vacation to begin! No homework, no packed lunches, no schedules…What are you doing this summer? Load up on sunscreen, stock up on s’mores ingredients, find some water to play in and laugh a lot. Happy summer vacation!
summer vacationsummer vacation2

Why you need to believe you are beautiful

I saw this video and it stopped me in my tracks. Why is it that we as women, females, do this to ourselves? I know I’ve said this before but I cannot list how many times, as a photographer, I’ve heard women give me excuses as to why they won’t be in photographs or simply tear themselves apart when they do see themselves in photographs. I’ve had one woman in the past 6 months look at herself and say wow, I look amazing. I’m going to share that with you in a future post. For now, please watch this video and think about all the things that make you really beautiful. Because you are. I would love for you to leave a comment to get a conversation going on this.

Do you remember when you first met?


The other day I saw that my daughter posted this question on Instagram: Do you remember when you first met?  And before I knew it I started thinking about my husband and then about a very close friend who I have known forever and then it lead to the first day my children were born and on and on and on. It’s a great question once you start thinking about all the people you love.  It’s sure to put a smile on your face and fill you with, hopefully, a lot of happy memories. Wishing you a day filled with happy memories!

Summer Splash!

Summer Splash

I went from the sublime to the ridiculous over the past week. A mother/daughter beauty shoot to a mud puddle photo shoot with 2 little boys, Oh! and a summer splash photo session running through the sprinkler…I love being a photographer! This little guy thought it was pretty fun too. Check back for a video fusion piece and more images on this super fun photo session.


It’s personal

Someone said to me the other day, don’t take it personally Paige, it’s just business. The conversation moved along and then I thought, my business is personal and that’s why my images are what they are. Because I take it personally. I want to create photographs that evoke emotions and memories for you, not vacant smiles or distant looks. There’s a difference. Allowing for connection and emotions to happen and then capturing them is my art. So, yes, my business is very personal to me. If you’d like images that are honest, expressive and always personal, then let’s talk about creating something beautiful together.


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