Keep it real. I’m tired of hype.

Confident womanDuring vacation we kayaked over to see the wild horses on Chincoteague Island. I was a little disillusioned to find out that they really weren’t wild. A vet visits them from time to time and during the winter they are looked after. Then I started thinking about the fact that hype is everywhere. The VMAs were a perfect example of it. I’m tired of hype which is why it is so important to me to keep it real. Honest, expressive and always personal is how I describe my photography. That is what you’ll get. It’s timeless.





Debbie’s weekly beauty tip from Chateau Salon. Hollywood’s facialists for the stars suggest keeping you skin’s pH at about 7. Start your day with lemon and warm water which balances your pH. At meals combine food low in pH with any food high in pH (green veggies). To learn more about the benefits of maintaining a balanced pH go to beaming.

image by: paige p. photography

What to do?

9A1A6764Make these last couple of weeks of summer memorable. Need some help with fun family activities? Go to Hulafrog and find your local Hulafrog site. It’s a great place for family/child friendly activities and places to go locally.

image by: paige p. photography

For your eyes only

pretty woman in blackDebbie’s beauty tip of the week from Chateau Salon. Zap the puffiness from your eyes with chilled spoons in the morning, it also increases circulation. Smooth away lines around the eyes with chilled cucumber slices. When lining your eyes use navy instead of black to soften your look.

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East Hampton photo session

Father, daughters on beach

I have one more session available in East Hampton, NY on Sunday, September 1 in the a.m.. Contact me at

image by:  paige p. photography

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