In response to the laundry list

9A1A4489I’ve started beauty photo sessions in response to so many women refusing to be in pictures with their children. I get a laundry list of excuses that really are no different than the next. It is my way of saying yes, you are beautiful and yes, you deserve to have some gorgeous images of yourself. This is Deb. Mother of two. A wife with a career. Not only does she look amazing but it’s apparent that she is very comfortable with who she is. Nothing is more gratifying to me than to hear a woman say “WOW! I look great.” Yes you do.

Beauty Wednesday

Deb from Chateau Salon is back with a Wednesday beauty tip!
3 Tips for creating fuller looking hair
1. A fringe or bangs will create the appearance of more hair.

2. When coloring your hair, go dark to light. Create a slightly
darker base about 1/2 a shade darker and gradually lighten towards the
ends. Try an Ombre’. This will produce a visual effect of density.

3. Use lightweight styling products and focus on the root area. I
reccomend and use Loreal’ Expansion Mousee. Set your dryer on low to
medium heat to avoid damaging fragile ends.

If I should have a daughter…by Sarah Kay

I do have a daughter and some of my favorite sessions have been with mothers and daughters. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was terrified of having a daughter. My first was a son, I grew up with brothers in an all boy neighborhood and some of my best friends were boys. What would I do with a daughter? My second child was a daughter and I cannot imagine my life without her. There is a connection between mothers and daughters that is very visceral. Watch this video of Sarah Kay. I think you’ll love it.

Just add oil

Meet Debbie from Chateau Salon: She’s my first guest blogger! So it is officially Wednesday beauty day with Debbie. Thanks Deb!

Did you know that over time the natural oils in our hair start to dissipate? Oil at the roots can build up and weigh hair down. Mythic Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque uses powerful oils to balance the hair, leaving it cleansed and nourished for a weightless finish.
– Precious oils deliver vibrant shine
– Paraban free formula
– Light enough for everyday use

Good clean fun

9A1A5143 watermark

9A1A5194 watermark

9A1A5441 watermark

9A1A5466 watermarkIt took almost 6 months, 2 amazing little boys, a 24 hour downpour and a couple of big fat puddles to get to this photo shoot but wow was it fun! This was a day I don’t think these boys will ever forget. Imagine at the age of 4 and 6 being told to go crazy, run through the puddles, splash as hard as you can and get incredibly muddy. This was one of my favorites…note to self…don’t forget to tell mom to bring some towels for post session clean up.

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