Want to play in the snow?

It has been one of those winters that most people are very happy about; somewhat mild temperatures and very little snow. I’m not so into that. The snowier the better for me. I know, I’m in the minority, winter is one of my favorite seasons. When it snowed last week I couldn’t wait to get out there and have some fun creating a winter fantasy. A few years ago I had photographed, what I called, Prom on Ice which the girls had a blast with. We did a spin off from that and pushed the fantasy part.

I’m certain this was a little bit out of Bri‘s comfort zone: freezing weather, bare legs, a ballroom skirt and tophat (!) BUT like all of “my” Paige P. girls she was all in…moral of the story …

Outside of the comfort zone, is where the magic happens!




Who wants to play in the snow? Contact me for a winter photoshoot and let’s see what kind of winter wonderland we can style together.




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