My top 3 intentions {senior photographer, northern NJ}

It was 2 1/2 years ago that I made the switch to being a Seniors Photographer. It has been a creative whirlwind, a dream coming to life. Sometimes I struggle to explain what it is that I do because it isn’t the norm. The why is easy, it makes me wildly happy, the girls even happier (having had an unforgettable experience) and the mom’s, happiest. They have a little piece of their daughter to hold onto forever. In the spirit of the New Year I’m celebrating this wild ride and want to share the top 3 intentions I whisper to myself over and over and over again before, during and after every photoshoot.

Emotion, Emotion, Emotion

High School senior portrait, girl laughing in sand

This is what it’s about, right? You love your daughter to pieces. The thought of her growing up and leaving one day, hurts. You’d freeze time if you could, but you can’t. You know the difference between her pasted on smile and the big, beautiful, genuine one. You can read her unique gestures and expressions so well. That’s emotion. That’s what really matters. It’s what I aim to capture. Those are the images you need, have to have. I know, I’m a mom too. It’s not going to keep them from growing up but it will give you a piece of them to hold onto forever. It’s also one more way of saying I love you.

Keep it Real


Can I tell you how many times during a shoot I’ll either be looking for my lens cap, which I misplaced, AGAIN, or the person in front of my camera tells me that my lens cap should be removed before taking the picture. Oh, right, I’m the professional. I’ve gotten caught in sticker bushes, sat in poison ivy and have laughed until I cried. It takes far too much effort to try and be “the professional”.  What I will tell you though is that, in return for me being me, I get a whole lot of “realness” and trust reflected back to me. Authenticity is everything.

Imperfections are Perfect

Senior pictures, Northern NJ

I’m not looking for the perfect pose, with perfect hair and a just so smile. That’s not real. It’s not my idea of real. Quite honestly it looks really uncomfortable. Barefoot with the wind blowing her hair in her face is much more my speed.

These 3 intentions will always lead me to my happy place. What leads you to your happy place? Here’s wishing you a New Year filled with joy.

If you were celebrating over the New Year and missed our New Year’s shoot you can take a look at it here.


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