Nicole W. {Senior Portraits, Wayne NJ}

When you book a photoshoot with me we have a pre-shoot consultation not only to go over outfits but to get to know each other. This is when I usually find out if you have a passion and we talk about how we can incorporate that into your photoshoot.Nicole is pure sunshine. It’s rare that she doesn’t have this light up the world smile on her face.She’s a cheerleader and it was important to her mom that she had a few shots of Nicole in her cheer outfit. I’m paraphrasing but in her mom’s words, the last 12 years have been spent absorbed in cheer, it would be great to get a couple of nice shots.I think we can all relate!

I teasingly asked, can you do tricks?

Cheerleader jumping for senior portrait

Nicole went on to give me a list starting with a back flip. That’s what I get for asking! Cheerleading tricks aside…We had her spinning, laying in the sand and generally doing what we do best, having fun and capturing some incredibly natural, expressive images.

Long-haired girl spinning in sun

High school girl laying on beach portrait

Senior portrait of teen girl in hat

Go check out Nicole’s video from her photoshoot. It’s on my new website! Lauren’s passion was riding her horse JD. Take a look…



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