Soaking up Summer Series finale: YOUR PERSONAL ESSAY IN PICTURES


I’ve been in search of a college advisor to help with the personal essay portion of the college application. While speaking with an advisor today, she was explaining how she likes to pull threads eventually getting to the core of who that person is. What makes them tick and why…their true personality. She was giving examples, we discussed my son and she spent a whole lot of time with me (awesome!). Towards the end of our conversation

I blurted out, you do exactly what I do the only difference being is that I photograph their personality.

I told her I was a seniors photographer and started to continue when she said, I know you! You’re Paige P. It was funny and yes, I have to admit gratifying BUT the point is, a photoshoot is not much different (ok, it’s a whole lot more fun!) than a personal essay. You’ll have the gestures, looks and smiles that you’ve fallen in love with over and over for the past 17 years. Now it’s time to get it down on paper before they leave.

Coffee table photo books do just that. I love these books! They’re my most popular item and do you know why? They show so many different aspects of your daughter’s personality. Take a look at a few of the spreads. Now it’s your turn to call me and set up a shoot.

Album spread, teen portrait

Senior portraits, album

Senior pictures,album pages, New Jersey photographer

Senior Portraits, Wayne NJ photographer

Every coffee table book comes with a video of her photoshoot with behind the scenes shots, video and all the images from her photoshoot. Take a look at my YouTube channel. Have you subscribed to it yet?


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