Bri {Senior Photoshoot, Wayne NJ}

I’ve photographed Bri’s sister. They are triplets. Bri, her sister and the third, a brother (who unbeknownst to him will be photographed as well! Ssssshhh).

No big surprise when Bri walked in the door and said, ” I decked someone during the game today. They were pushing me too far.” Why no big surprise? I’ll give you one guess as to whose sister this is. Johnna’s. Go read about her senior photoshoot if you don’t see the connection yet.  Looking at Bri she is one of the last people (except for maybe her sister) I would expect to hear this from. She (they) seemingly has an alternate personality on the soccer field. It makes me laugh but I’m going to go a little deeper, because it matters to me and all those girls like Bri and Johnna. Tough, smart, athletic girls can also be soft, beautiful and super fun! All you need to do is open your eyes a little wider to see this. Take a look at this blue-eyed stunner below.

High School senior picture of sunlit girl on beach

Sunlit girl smiling with windswept hair

Senior picture of sunlit, blue-eyed girl laying on beach

This is part 2 of 3 from this photoshoot. Can’t wait to show you Bri and Johnna together!


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