Johnna {Senior Photoshoot, Wayne NJ}

Johnna is petite, very quiet when you first meet her, sweet with a gorgeous smile on her, almost all of the time (you’ll see why I say almost). Now keep those qualities in mind and follow below for the text stream that took place the night before her senior photoshoot.

Hi Paige! I don’t know if this will be a problem but I have a black eye from soccer!  

No way!!! Are you ok? Send me a pic.

[picture of a very swollen, red, black eye] Yes I’m good!! Sorry I’m all sweaty! (can I just insert here, that a sweaty picture of me would be the last thing I was thinking about and/or apologizing for!:))

…we may have to reschedule…

It’s ok! I will ice it and hopefully it looks better tomorrow so we don’t have to reschedule!

Apparently I can add tough and eternally cheerful to Johnna’s list of qualities as well. The photoshoot happened the following day (after soccer practice). She walked in laughing about it and as you can see below she looked amazing.

This is why I love “my girls”. Never a dull moment and it is always with laughter and grace.  Senior portrait of beautiful red headed girl

Girl laying on boat for senior pictures

Redheaded High School Senior girl at sunset on beach

I’m not even going to tell you which eye it was because a whole lot of ice, sleep and a little bit of cover up did the trick. This is a Part 1 of 3, you’ll see why in the upcoming weeks.



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