Teen girls & puddles: Part 2

A year ago, I wanted to do a rainy day photoshoot. It turned out to be a beautiful spring and the stars never aligned. It sounds crazy but you have to have a drenching rainfall that makes big puddles and then, that has to happen on a day when everyone is available. Sounds easier than it actually is to schedule. I wanted rain boots, huge puddles, splashing and ok, I’ll admit it, a big, messy, crazy shoot. It all started with a puddle session I did with 2 little boys, years ago.  It was epic! I know, taking that concept and transferring it to 16, 17 year old girls is a little out there. So you think.  Seriously, what teen girl is going to want to get muddy and wet? But, here’s the thing, I know my girls. They are free-spirited and adventurous.

The stars finally did align. It was time for that rainy day photoshoot. I texted the girls and the responses came in fast and furious.

Yes, I’m so pumped!  Yay! I’m so excited! Can’t wait! …

We took a rainy day and spun it into the happiest, sunniest Friday I’ve had in a very long time!







There is nothing better than acting like a big kid sometimes! If you missed the video you really should watch it.




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