Sam {Senior Photoshoot: Wayne, NJ}

When I showed up at Sam’s styling appointment, she broke out into this huge grin and started pulling clothes from not only her closet but her sister’s as well. I knew she was excited about this. Who wouldn’t be? It was a gift that her mom had surprised her with.

The day of the photoshoot was one of those crisp, cool fall days with dark rumbly clouds overhead. The sun was in and out as we got “down to business” twirling, running, jumping…. Sam is a highly competitive swimmer so I didn’t give the activity level a second thought. Imagine my surprise when I heard her dad say at the gallery reveal

Wow Sam, I felt so badly for you when you left for the photoshoot. I can’t believe you were spinning.

Well, that was definitely not the reaction I was expecting! It turns out Sam wasn’t feeling well. At all. To think that she not only made everything she was doing look effortless but looked stunning doing it…well that’s an inner strength I truly admire. You were a total pro Sam! Take a look…

Senior pictures, Bergen County

Senior Portraits, Beautiful girl

High School Senior Portraits, Northern NJ

Senior portraits, Wayne, NJ

Senior pictures, Northern NJ



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