Christina: {Senior Portraits, Northern NJ}

It wasn’t planned this way but if you know anything about me you know that I just love everything about serendipity which leads me to this; posting Christina’s images 6 months after the fact. All I needed was a little push.

“That smile could save lives”

…recently posted by one of Christina’s friends. How perfect! One, it’s true. Two, how awesome is her friend?! And three, what a perfect sentiment for this time of year. Christina has a thousand watt smile. It is always on and so true to who she is. Imagine if we could truly save lives with a smile? Maybe we should all try, particularly given this time of year. You’ll make someone feel a little warmer, happier and even a bit more special. Thanks for the reminder Christina.



If you need a few more feel good smiles you can go here or here.


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