Spreading love

I’m finding it a bit difficult to talk about laughter, love and being a free-spirit right now. I think, like most, I’m feeling anything but light hearted in the wake of this past week’s events. I have lived in France and quite honestly whenever I’ve gone back it feels like a second home to me. Maybe it is laughter and love that we should be holding close to our hearts at this time though. I have the extreme privilege (and I mean those words from the bottom of my heart) of working while I’m laughing, loving what I do and with whom I’m working with. If we could all be as fortunate. If I had any wish in the world it would be to give everyone this feeling, everyone. Because at the end of the day isn’t that what it’s all about? Spreading love and happiness. I believe it’s like a pebble dropped in water, the ripple effect. If we can look someone in the eye and smile, give a compliment, extend a random act of kindness it’s one small step to spreading the love further out. Idealistic? Possibly. Difficult? Sometimes. But what is the alternative? Have a happy day.



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