Melissa: Senior Photoshoot {Morris County, NJ}

Voices and laughter are one of the first things I notice when speaking with someone. Melissa has a velvety voice and by that I mean it’s soft and smooth with a depth to it.  Soothing to listen to. She’s one of my Senior Model Reps who found me by way of Instagram. I didn’t know anything about her other than the fact that she commented on and liked my work a whole lot. So I said,

Hey Melissa, are you interested in being a Paige P. rep this year?

Well it was as if I had told her she won the lottery but she wasn’t sure she had the correct number. It’s really pretty funny when I think about it. And after getting to know her, she really is just like her voice. Soft on the outside with an inner strength to her that I admire a whole lot. When she and her mom came to see the gallery there was a lot of oohing and aahing but what she told me went straight to my heart and was so incredibly reaffirming for me.

“I don’t remember a lot of these shots being taken but I remember exactly how I felt and I won’t forget that.”

That is exactly why I do what I do! It’s for the experience, feelings and memories that you’ll carry with you afterward. Thank you Melissa!

Senior pictures, Kinnelon NJ

Senior pictures Kinnelon NJ

Northern NJ senior pictures

Morris County, senior portraits

If you’d like to see another photoshoot that Melissa was in this year take a look here.


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