Behind the Scenes: {NYC Photoshoot}

I was at a party on the basketball court, early June, a go cup in hand. We traded numbers because she lived in the next town over at home. Her name is Heather and I met her at Freshman orientation. That was very many years ago. Since then, I’m not sure that a week or two has gone by that we haven’t spoken to each other over the phone. Together we’ve been through a myriad of boyfriends, jobs, who knows how many addresses both domestic and international, a marriage for each and 5 children between us. We laugh until it hurts. Even when it hurts we laugh because that is what we do. We bring each other up and we make it ok. She is always there. And by there I mean T. H. E. R. E.  Those of you with strong girlfriend ties know exactly what I mean by that.

Almost every time I listen to the girls talking about their college plans it brings me back to that night of Freshman Orientation, hoping beyond hopes that they find a “Heather” too.

This is a backwards entry into why I’m posting a Behind the Scenes video with this story. I love behind the scenes because I feel like I’m getting the real story. I’m happy to say that I didn’t get hit by a taxi or bump into anybody during the whole shoot (there was ample opportunity!). Why? Because Heather had my back (literally)! She was my assistant on this shoot.  By sheer coincidence she was in from the midwest, visiting her daughter at FIT. It gets better though, her daughter Isabella, took all of the behind the scenes images. You can’t even imagine how happy I was to be doing what I love, photographing these senior girls, getting incredibly silly with them and sharing it with my best friend and her daughter who is only just one step ahead of my Paige P. seniors. That’s my behind the scenes story. It was a perfect alignment of the stars and proof again, that life runs its course, full circle.


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