Stepping outside the box:{Engagement Photoshoot, Northern NJ}

This may sound a little crazy but I actually like that feeling of not being on completely solid ground. When I go to try something new and it really is outside my comfort zone. I’m a little anxious and definitely not so sure how it’s all going to pan out. I like that feeling. Always have. I know it sounds bizarre, but I do. It’s not like I go looking to feel that way on a daily basis. For me that feeling means a challenge, an adventure, something new. I’m not talking life threatening situations, I’m talking possibilities that add to life’s experiences. Some may be good or even great and then others, not so much. BUT! I always learn from them and that’s the part I love! Where on earth am I going with this?…Meet Chelsea. She was my first babysitter who my kids adore. She coached them on their swimteam and big surprise, Chelsea all grown up, we had done a photoshoot together, which, oddly enough, she told me was way out of her comfort zone.

Senior Portraits, Northern NJ

Fast foward a couple of years and guess who got a call for Chelsea’s engagement photoshoot! I have NEVER done an engagement photoshoot before. NEVER thought about it. NEVER! Never say never. It stretched me, it made me a little anxious and I loved it! They are two free-spirited individuals, who laugh all the time and are madly in love with each other. My kind of people. Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in all that positivity?!Engagement pictures, Wayne NJ

Engagement portrait Northern NJ

And yes of course I had them spinning!

Engagement pictures Northern NJ

Moral of the story…step outside your box. There’s all kinds of good stuff waiting for you.

Engagement pictures, Wayne, NJ

If you know a free-spirited, adventurous couple that has just gotten engaged let them know that I may just say yes if they give me a call:)!


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