Billye:{Senior Portraits, Northern NJ}

Billye has a laugh that literally bursts out of her. It’s almost like a jack-in-the-box that cannot stay contained for one second longer. Her personality is exactly like her laugh. I can always count on Billye to be the one to say, I’ll do it. I’ll go first. I’m all in. She has this infectious energy that spills out to everyone surrounding her.

Although it was a chilly, windy day it didn’t stop us from having a whole lot of fun. Guess what happened by the end of the photoshoot? The sun came out! Serendipitous? Maybe, but I think it was inevitable.

Senior Portraits, Northern NJ

Sunlit girl, Senior pictures, New Jersey

If you’d like to see another photoshoot when Billye hopped on a bike (first time in years, she said) go here and here

Happy Birthday Billye!! xoxo, Paige


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