You Just need to take the plunge!

High School Seniors Photographer, NJ

I can’t tell you how many girls and moms see my images and say wow! I would love to do that. Well, ok. It isn’t that complicated, just call me and let’s talk. Why is it that picking up the phone or sending that first email is always the biggest hurdle? Believe me, I’m guilty of it. After 3 years I finally booked a family photographer to photograph us while on vacation. It is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. When I look at those pictures I will never, ever regret doing it. Not for one minute.

The other day I spoke with a client who was booking her daughter’s photoshoot, turning 13 this fall. In speaking with her I came to realize how happy I was that I had done the same for my daughter. It took some juggling and would have been very easy to put off, but now, looking back, I am so grateful we took the plunge and made time for a photoshoot. I will never get that time back. It’s only a year later and she has already changed, a lot. You can guarantee I will be doing the same for her when she becomes a senior in high school.

Now it’s your turn. Take the first step and get in touch with me. Once you do, you will have images that you’ve always wanted and will never, ever let go of. I know. I have 2 teens that I don’t want to grow up. But they will. And I’ll hate it. I’m just like you.

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