Flying Shoes, Photo bombing & a Bio Pic: Beach Bound Series: 4

Another readers favorite…reposted as part of my “gone fishin'” beach bound series. Hope you’re having a great August! Be back next week with a fresh post and ready for an awesome fall!

If you’ve visited my about page on my website, Instagram, FB or Twitter you’ve seen my bio pic. It makes me smile. Not because I look amazing but because of the story behind it. I had scheduled a photoshoot and then at the last minute it fell through. It was a beautiful day, I had already taken my hair out of a ponytail (that’s a big deal for me in the summer!) and I needed an updated image. That’s when my then 12 and 14 year old came into play. Why not?! They both have a good eye, know how to operate a camera (they’re my kids after all:)). Let’s give it a whirl. If I tell you that there were 300 pictures taken, that is an under estimation. Shoes (mine) were flying. They decided it would be fun to make running cameos through the shot (photo-bombing). It was chaos. How can 2 kids with a camera create chaos? Apparently very easily. I wouldn’t trade that afternoon or these pictures for anything. It reminds me of laughing hysterically with my kids and all three of us being authentically, crazily us. That will make me smile every time AND worth taking my hair out of a ponytail!

10x20 bio pic

Moral of the story…the best images always have a wonderful story and memories behind them. This may have to become an annual event. Stay posted!


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