Personality not Pretty:{Prom on Ice} Beach Bound Series:2

Another readers favorite…reposted as part of my “gone fishin'” beach bound series. Hope you’re having a great August!

I went for a walk on the frozen lake with Mr. Paige P. the other day and it got me thinking. I thought we’d have a little fun, which is what we do best at Paige P. I ran this by the girls,

What would you think about a prom shoot on the ice?…Awesome!!!

prom dress portraits Northern NJ

is the response I got. And that is it! Right there! Personality over pretty. You see I’ve heard a lot of comments over the past few months saying, Oh, I could never do that I’m not pretty enough. WHAAAAAT??!!  This has nothing to do with pretty and everything to do with personality. ANY girl who thinks standing on the frozen lake in subzero temperatures IN A PROM DRESS is awesome (?), you’re my kind of girl. It’s something different, something new, a little adventurous. Let’s try it!  I truly believe that beauty radiates from the inside out. It starts with laughter and movement. That, to me, is the key right there. How did I go from prom on ice to personality? We started talking about it during our warming up breaks. In Gianna’s words:

I’m a 5’5″ curvy girl and would never, ever think of myself as a model but I did this because it sounded like so much fun.

Then Morgan, my hockey playing, cross country running, surfer said.

No way am I model material. There’s not a chance, but doing this, is so cool!

Now, I dare you to go see Morgan’s senior photoshoot here and Gianna’s here and tell me that they’re not beautiful. You bring me the free-spirited, adventurous personality and let me worry about making you look amazing. Which you will. Trust me. From the inside out. Take a look at our video, Prom on Ice. I honestly thought we would make this look very epic and because we are who we are, it turned out to be a true Paige P. Photoshoot; lots of laughter, running around and being in the moment.

Thank you for being you girls. It was great!


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