Naturally pretty

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now; introduce you to Miranda. Miranda is an extraordinarily talented hair and makeup artist that works with me. When I first started down this path of Seniors Photography I knew exactly what I did and did not want in the way of hair and makeup. I had seen far too many portraits retouched so that the girls looked like glamour pusses, 10 years older than they actually were with plasticized skin. I’m not a makeup expert by any stretch of the imagination but as I interviewed one make up artist after another it became clear, natural is far more difficult to achieve than it actually looks. Enter Miranda with her quiet, relaxed manner and ever changing hair colors (she made quite an entrance when we first met – I think her hair was green and blue at that point). We ran a trial and bingo! she totally nailed the fresh, natural look that every teen girl has. It just needs to be enhanced for the camera. I still, after I don’t know how many photoshoots, look on in amazement at how she brings out the absolute gorgeousness of each girl in such an understated beautiful way. Everyone is thrilled with the final look. Below are a few images of Miranda “in action” with the last image showing some of her favorite products. For her social media links go to the bottom of this post.

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Miranda Richards:  IG, FB, website


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