Carlie: {Senior Photoshoot, Wayne, NJ }

The video finished and dead silence. Do you know what it’s like for that split second when the air is heavy and not a peep is heard? When you thought for sure that there were going to be sounds of joy but instead nothing. NOTHING. Not one sound. How did I read this so wrong? So I took a deep breath, turned to Carlie and her parents and said, “What do you think?”. And that’s when I saw two sets of moist eyes and that look. The look that every parent has when they fall in love all over again (for the bazillionth time) with their child. As it turns out they had more or less held their breath during the entire time that Carlie’s video was playing. Wanting to catch every second of it. Well that was a relief! I think I would much rather have two parents hyperventilating than walking out unsatisfied with the gallery! Seriously though, Carlie’s mom contacted me almost a year ago to book a senior photoshoot with me. And she is the one who nailed a word that I now use to describe my work: Soft (more on that in a future post). She explained that she wanted me to work with Carlie because my photographs are who Carlie is, soft, natural and pretty. So with all of that expectation the initial silence was close to devastating. Needless to say everyone is happy and Carlie is everything her mom said she is and more. Take a look.

Senior pictures Wayne, NJ

Senior pictures, Morris County NJ

High School Senior portraits, New Jersey

Seniors Photographer, NJ

Senior portraits, Bergen County

Candid portraits, New Jersey

High School Senior Portraits, NJ

Take a look at some of the video’s from other senior photoshoots here.


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