Playing Telephone {Seniors Photographer, Northern NJ}

She sold seashells by the seashore somehow, after being whispered into the ears of  5 consecutive people, is usually translated to some variation of, Shells are for eating!  It’s the telephone game. A game that I’ve played for years during young family shoots to loosen everyone up.

Now, why should it be any different with 16-17 year old girls? Seriously! I was photographing a styled shoot with a group of my seniors. I know it isn’t easy standing in front of the camera trying to look natural.  I get it. So I thought a little silliness was in order. And silliness to the next level is what happened. All it took was a beach bike, spinning until we were dizzy and a few games of telephone to get some awesome shots. Not once did they look at me like I was crazy…WHICH…makes them true free-spirited, adventurous girls. My favorite! Take a look.

If you’re interested in a styled Senior Photoshoot please contact me here.


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