In Between Moments {Seniors Portraits, Morris County, NJ}

There are the angsty, pouty, sunken in looking model portraits. And then there are the pasted on smile-screaming “i want to get this done with” pictures or finally, the plasticized, overworked glam shots. None of which are for me. I’m all about personality and letting it shine. Parents love the laugh out loud, twinkle in the eye images. Girls love the more serious ones. Me, I like the in-betweens. In-betweens? When she moves her hair out of her eyes just so or the way she tilts her head.Those are the in-between moments. The gestures typical of only her that show her uniqueness, her personality.

The images below are from a photoshoot we had indoors this winter with a few of those in-between moments.

Beautiful girl  Seniors Photographer Bergen County

Senior portraits, Wayne, NJ

Seniors Photographer Northern NJ

I’ve got a whole lot to say about personality over pretty. Go here for more.


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