Happiness and a beach bike {Styled Seniors Photoshoot}

I pulled out “the” beach bike for it’s maiden run this year. The fenders, yes fenders(!) a little rustier, the tires in dire need of air but all in all she looked really good. Mr. Paige P. was out in the driveway while I was readying her to roll.  He looked at me with concern in his eyes. What are you doing with my beach bike? Are you using it for a photoshoot? That’s not his normal M.O. but you see she carries a lot of memories with her. She’s our special beach bike. So, rather than answer, I diverted. “Do you think we could still ride double on this?” We both smiled and the air around us filled with so many happy memories. My husband and I met at the beach. She, “the” beach bike will forever be a reminder of how we rode double to parties, “parked” her on front lawns, rode back home late at night, to and from volleyball tournaments, making quick morning bagel runs… I will forever associate her with meeting my husband, the incredibly happy times spent on her and most of all the laughter.

I never thought that including this bike in a photoshoot would be a continuation of this laughter and happiness. But don’t you know the minute I pulled it out of the back of my car the girls started asking, Where did you get this? How long have you had it? And then I told them how I met Mr. Paige P. along with a few of the  (censored) abridged stories we’ve had with “the” beach bike .

I cannot even begin to tell you how much we laughed using her during the shoot! A couple of my adventurous free-spirits, who, admittedly, haven’t been on a bike in a while hopped on and the fun began. It filled my heart to see that an aging, metallic blue beach bike could be the source of so much laughter and fun. For now I’ve got a few images from the day. I’ll share the video with you a little later.

Laughing High School Senior girlHigh School Seniors picturesSenior portraits, northern NJsenior pictures, Bergen County, NJHigh School Senior picturesSenior Photography, Morris County, NJI could write endlessly about happiness and laughter. If you feel the same way, stop by here to read another post.

PS. If you see a couple in the neighborhood, recklessly riding an old blue beach bike, double, it’s just me and Mr. Paige P. out for a ride, having a little fun and no doubt laughing!



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