The Challenge of Rules

My knee jerk reaction to being told you can’t is yes I can. If you tell me it’s against the rules I will immediately think, that’s what you think. Being a mom to two teenagers I sometimes, ok, often, have an internal struggle with setting rules vs. allowing my kids to experience life. But you know what, there are rules in the house. I want to protect my kids, they need to learn respect…. And then when the rules are set I think, oh my gosh what am I doing? I hate rules! It almost makes me itch thinking about it. So I have come to think of these rules as boundaries and firm guidelines. A friend said think of it as setting expectations not rules. Mental gymnastics, yes, but it works for me. Now, can I tell you a secret…there are instances when my kids buck the system and it makes my heart swell. I see nothing wrong with that wild child, free-spirit bursting out every once in a while. Ready to soar in due time.

Go here for more about free-spirits.


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