A Breath of Fresh Air

The last couple of weeks we’ve been living the phrase a breath of fresh air. I’m starting with a whole new group of Senior Model Reps (presently juniors in high school). They’re raring to go and have been coming in for their Model photoshoot. It’s my version of a headshot in the sense that it’s a quick 15 minutes in front of the camera. I really hate the term, headshot, I feel that it implies all the things I don’t do during a photoshoot; sitting in a stationary pose, smiling blankly and looking like you can’t wait to leave. Anyway, we did anything but that. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other, for me to see the Senior Models’ best angles and most importantly to instill confidence. I know that it’s not the most natural thing to get in front of the camera. This is a shoot that we do without professional hair and makeup and a basic outfit. Why? Because I know once I get some awesome shots of them without the “bells & whistles” (which I promise, I will ) the sky is the limit after that. You see it’s all about confidence and shining from the inside out. It’s not about being “pretty enough”. So, although I can’t show you my amazing 2016 Senior Model Reps, yet, I can show you a few behind the scenes.

Follow me on snapchat (@paigepphoto) where I’ll be handing over my phone to the Seniors for Snapchat takeovers all year long.



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