Dani {College photo shoot Morris County, NJ}

“She’s not the type of girl who wants what her sister has gotten but when she heard about Lauren’s experience, I knew she really wanted to have a photoshoot too”.

 That’s how Dani was introduced to me. We met over skype since she is away at college.  In essence we sat on the floor of her dorm hallway, clothes spread out in front of us, going through outfits. She’s another one with the laughter that bubbles over affecting everyone around her. LOVE!

Back to the outfits…they weren’t specifically chosen with snow in mind. What were we thinking?!  But, with a few  tweaks, out in the snow we went, supplied with handwarmers  by Dani’s mom, Alicia. And for fear of sounding repetitive, we laughed ourselves somewhat warm.

seniors photographer kinnelon nj

It really was like a winter wonderland. The sun was bright, snow hadn’t fallen off the trees yet and everything was so fresh which honestly captures Dani’s personality. I think that’s the best way of explaining her, fresh and bright. I believe that everything happens for a reason and this photoshoot, may have been a bit of serendipity.

College sophomore portraits

beautiful girl in snow portrait

On a side note, Dani went back up to school in Boston where I’m sure she is over the “fresh snow”! Hang in there Dani, spring is on its way.



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