I believe…


I think all of us in the northeast are feeling a little worn out from the bitter cold that just doesn’t seem to let up. I love the snow, I love winter but here’s the thing, temperatures in the teens day after day seems to have worn me out a bit. I’ve also been dealing with an incredibly stiff neck that has proven to be difficult in healing. It has prohibited me from skiing, a love of mine, my winter sport that keeps me sane. Last week at the lowest point both in temperature and morale I received 2 texts from a couple of my senior girls. Out of the blue, to say thank you. Thank you for everything you do. You’ve made me feel awesome. I love working with you. Happy Valentines Day.  The texts couldn’t have been more well timed and I think more than a little serendipitous.

I believe, no, I KNOW that what you put out into the world comes back to you in multiples. You get what you give.

Today, right now, send someone a text, make a phone call, tweet, post an IG that makes someone you care about feel happy. It will make you feel even happier.



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