My sleepy Sunday, seals on surfboards and travel

It was a perfect day for snuggling in; overcast, bitter cold outside and a quiet Sunday morning. It was relatively early, I say relatively, because I was sitting on my bedroom floor with 3 senior high school girls. I would typically be reading the Sunday paper with a cup of hot chocolate and the girls, no doubt, would still be sleeping. Instead we were sitting on the floor, catching up with social media, swapping our favorite Instagram accounts of sunny places and bathing suits. Gianna, with a talent for applying fake eyelashes was doing just that, while we sat around, prepping for a photoshoot. Talk turned from

bathing suits, to seals on surfboards to travel.

And that’s when I saw the sparkle in their eyes replace the Sunday sleepiness, their voices a bit more animated. There was talk of where they wanted to travel and what they thought a year abroad would be like. I mostly nestled in and listened, waiting to add my two cents. This is what I find so special about working with senior girls. They are at the precipice of all possibilities and although they may not actually stop to think of it, they inherently know it.  Back to my two cents,  follow your hearts, don’t ever doubt, dream bigger than big and if  your heart is really in it then it will happen.  I believe this to my core. I am the poster child for following my heart and will say this, whenever there’s a chance, over and over again to any girl I photograph.

Follow your heart and your life will be incredibly full.

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