Keeping it REAL!

I believe that girls in high school should look fresh and natural. I don’t like a plasticized look and I don’t like a lot of heavy makeup on my seniors. I don’t believe in making them looking older than they are and I definitely don’t want them looking like pin up girls. I’ve seen far too many senior portraits in other parts of the country looking like this.  I know, it’s a lot of don’ts! I feel really strongly about it.  It’s not my thing. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to find a makeup artist, Miranda of Makeup Artistry,  who can add polish to the beautifully fresh faces that I get to work with all year long. At our holiday shoot in December my Senior Models asked if they could have Miranda show them how to do a fresh face on themselves.  SO! That’s exactly what we did. We sent an invite out to all of our teens, Urban Club Clothing Co. hosted us and last night Miranda gave us a crash course in how to achieve a natural,  polished look.

I have to admit I was a little lost but it’s a start, right?! We created a cheat sheet of sorts. I think the next step is a video. What do you think?wake up and be awesome

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