No New Year’s resolutions for me!

Everywhere I look and a lot of what I’ve heard over the past week centers around New Years resolutions, words of the year or profound thoughts to carry with us throughout the year. I’m getting the feeling that I should be writing something earth shatteringly meaningful.  To tell you the truth though, I’m just not feeling it. Not even close. The holidays storm in and as quickly as they come, they are over. It leaves me with a whole lot of happy memories but feeling a little bit like I got stuck in a revolving door.  The photos below are case in point. It took more than a few minutes to untangle those lights;)!

lightsMaybe it’s the independent streak in me but I’ve never been one to feel that New Year’s is the time when resolutions must be made. Looking ahead more than a few months down the road is just not my thing and if I’m being completely honest makes me a little claustrophobic (I know it’s weird but I did warn you I was free-spirited). My birthday seems to be the time when I stop and ask myself where I’d like to be heading.  I think goals are great but I don’t like being tied to something that seemed like a good idea 8 months ago and because life changes doesn’t make sense in the present. To carry that point even further, who wants to feel badly about it?! So there’s my 2 cents on why I don’t feel compelled to make a New Year’s resolution.  Have a happy, footloose and free-spirited new year!


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