Signed with pride and love {Wayne, NJ Seniors Photographer}

My friends and mentors, Jeff Jochum and Jane Ammon, asked me one day,

Do you sign your artwork?

I stuttered, which really isn’t my M.O. and said no. Quietly.

Why not?

That’s a really good question! Then I started thinking, trying to explain my way out of this. But I couldn’t.  Have you ever noticed that young children are constantly encouraged to sign their name to their artwork? On the front.  As they get older though the names go to the back and, I believe, pride fades. Why is that?  Are we supposed to be any less proud of what we’ve created because we aren’t kids anymore?  Are we supposed to think that the art doesn’t deserve a signature? Just because it isn’t hanging in a museum doesn’t mean it isn’t worth being signed.

Artwork on my office wall.
Artwork on my office wall (signed!).

My photography is my passion and it comes straight from my heart . I’m saying,

This is especially for you and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Does this mean your wall gallery of large prints will have my signature on every single print? No. I’ll be signing a favorite though or the inside of your custom book.  It’s a one of a kind portrait, of someone that you love, made with love, by me, for you.

Now that I’ve shared more than I’m used to (which is a little scary!). You can go here for the free-spirited me.



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