Pink Out! Hair Chalk Tutorial

Miranda is an awesome hair and makeup artist who works with me on location. She and I thought we’d have a little fun creating a PINK OUT look for teens to wear to school on their pink out day. It’s TEMPORARY! and will wash out easily. It’s also a fun impermanent way to play with hair color which, as a mom, is a win win.

Hair chalk tutorial

1. Supplies: Water bottle, Hair spray, artist chalk from the art store (works great!) or hair chalk purchased at a beauty store (we used ‘N Rage), banana clip, comb, old towel to protect your shirt.

2.  Divide hair into sections.

3. Lightly dampen hair with water. Drag chalk down strands of hair until the desired color shows. Use a couple of different shades to mix in or create an ombre look. Seal with hair spray and curl or flat iron to set the color.

Tip from Miranda: Use a lot of conditioner after washing out!

If you’d like more Pink Out inspiration go to my Pinterest board. Follow Miranda on Instagram she posts some great makeup looks listing product too.



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