Why I ran away to Club Med

Once upon a time I ran away to Club Med. Why would I do that? I had just landed my first job in NYC with a prominent magazine,  living in the city and was “on my way”.

I got claustrophobic.
This is what my life would look like for the rest of my life?!
I could not BREATHE.

I made a “career” change and left for Club Med. I didn’t see it as running away. To me it was running towards an adventure, a bigger world, more possibilities, more.  It opened up my world in ways that were LIFE CHANGING.  I met Thierry, a photographer. He was my friend and the voice in my head for years saying YOU CAN DO THIS.  He loved large prints and CAPTURING EMOTIONS.  There’s an image of me hanging on my parents’ wall which I love. Not much older than the teens I photograph now.
photo 2
I can recall the exact day, the conversation we were having. It reminds me of Club Med, of all the EXPERIENCES it led me to over the years. It reminds me of Thierry and how it brought me to what I’m doing now. I wish I knew where he was because I would give him a hug, a kiss and say thank you!
There are moments in your life that you know are important but maybe not why. I took  a path that I’m sure most people thought was a little reckless, crazy…I had to FOLLOW MY HEART. Many years later, international friendships made and countries upon countries traveled…It worked out better than I could have ever imagined.
P.S. This is my way of letting you know that I’m most definitely free-spirited and adventurous. Please don’t expect the expected from me.
P.P.S Want to know my definition of an Adventuress? Go here.

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