A girl and her horse {Morris County Seniors Photographer}

Behind my shoulder I heard her say – she had a little bit of a crack in her voice, “Oh honey, you look beautiful”. Then I knew. Like all moms know. I knew  she was looking at her in awe not quite believing that she raised this amazing girl. I also knew there was a  bittersweet feeling. Lauren was growing up. It happened so quickly.


And then in front of me stood Lauren, sparkling eyes, styled head to toe, flowers in hair and giggling because JD, the horse, was chomping on a bunch of flowers.  It was that magic turning point during a photoshoot when she forgets that anyone is around her; feeling free and knowing that she looks incredible.


The sun started slipping between the trees and it was time for “the skirt”. Now it was time to really get lost in the moment.  So we did.


Kinnelon-teengirl-pictures Girl-lakefront-portrait

Not a bad way for a teenage girl to end her day…OR for a seniors photographer, for that matter;)


Want to know  why I always ask “my girls” to spin? Take a look here.



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