Adventuress (ad·ven·tur·ess)

The female derivative of adventurous. A girl, ‘tween, teen, lady or woman who is gutsy and spirited. There is no dipping the toes in and testing the waters for her. She’s all in.

IMG_5255 Sadie

She’s the little girl who wants to play kickball in her pink boa and sparkly sneakers.  She’s the ponytailed tween or teen who proudly runs faster than all the boys AND she’s the woman first to take her heels off, racing down the beach, daring her friends to go skinny-dipping.  It is always spelled with a capital “A” because her expectations are anything but small.

Amalia adventuress

Are you an Adventuress?  Is there a little part of you that would like to be an Adventuress? Did I just perfectly describe your daughter? #Adventuress #Styled


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