Spin with abandon!

spinningI love to spin! It makes me feel free. If I have photographed you, chances are that you most likely have been asked to spin. Little girls will spin on their own free will. Teens will look at you for a nanosecond, as if you’re crazy, start winding up and then go for it. Women in their 20’s will ask you twice, you want me to do what? And then spin. The 30+ women will hesitate, ask about the mechanics of specifically how I want them to spin, tentatively try it, ask if that was the correct way of doing it and then try again. Eventually everyone gets to the point where they are spinning with abandon, laughing hysterically, slipping back to the little girl who spins without a care in the world. If you want to feel complete and utter freedom let’s talk about a photo shoot. If you have a daughter who has perfected the art of the spin, call me. #Freespirit #Adventuress.




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