Find your joy this year.

pond hockey
pond hockey
pond hockey at dusk
pond hockey at dusk

It was about 10 degrees on the lake with the wind howling. My son had put the word out that the ice was thick enough, did anyone want to play? Within an hour 18 kids were out on the ice shoveling a rink to play hockey. All of them play on a high school hockey team together. Most of them are also on travel teams and I would say on average they play or practice about 5 days a week if not more. Why on earth would they want to play in the extreme cold on a patch of ice? For the sheer joy of it. Why was I taking pictures when my fingers were near frostbite and as I said I’m watching more than my fair share of hockey games 7 months out of the year. For the sheer joy of it.  Elizabeth said of her son’s image up top, you really caught the light, the moment and Ben’s love for hockey. I find it so rewarding to hear comments like that especially when it’s not a scheduled photoshoot but I’m doing it just for fun. Make it a Happy New Year and find your joy.


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