You can do “that”!



Today Jess from Chateau Salon is going to give you some hair color inspiration and nudge us all to step a bit out of our comfort zone.
While prepping Samantha’s hair color for our winter inspired photo shoot, all we heard were gasps from surrounding women in the salon. “I wish I could do that!”  Samantha is a perfect example of why you can do “that.” She is not a model, rockstar, or celebrity, even though her style makes her feel capable of any of those. She is simply one of us, a woman. Changing hair color should not be a frightening experience, but empowering. As a hairstylist, we are often told things like, “You’re a magician!” While it would be nice to know magic, there are no tricks involved.  Our hair enhances the beauty that we already own. It is the ultimate accessory, and should be a confidence booster. With the change of season, going into winter, now is a great time to try something new and exciting, without being overwhelming and shocking. Think of it as “upgrading” your style. There are countless ways of doing so. My advice is to be true to yourself, and be unique with it. Trends are adaptive and can be re-inventive to suit anyone. So don’t worry about “pulling it off,” because you can.


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