Transformation day into evening

Watching Jess apply makeup mesmerizes me. She simply enhances all the beauty that is right there in front of her with a deft hand. Here are a few of her tips for going from bare-faced to day to evening.

Tips for First “day” look

Wrap sections of hair around various sizes of irons, randomly alternating between irons. For a more tousled, naturally soft look, make each section of curl unique from another. Creating larger and smaller sections will create loose and tight curls, creating a “natural” textured finish. Product recommended for accomplishing this look  is L’oreal Professionnel’s Infinium 3 hairspray. This spray won’t leave a hard or sticky feeling, but will actually memorize the curl, and will last day to night.
Tips for the second “night” look
Pulling hair back or up, is always a great transition into a night time style. This braid is a great look that anyone can achieve. Fun and edgy yet very glamorous, this style is a perfect fall ‘do.
Create a simple braid, directing to the desired side. After securing with an elastic, gently pull apart at random, pulling more in areas than others. For this look L’oreal Professionnel’s True Grip is recommended. This chalky like powder will build texture, body and control. To use, lightly sprinkle in and work into hair. For added volume apply at the root and work in with fingertips.
Flowers are an added touch of glamour. Choose colors that reflect autumn’s foliage, and you’ll compliment this seasons trends.
Our Inspiration for these looks were based on the colors and textures of Autumn. Carly’s hair color draws inspiration from autumn’s evolving foliage. Carly’s red is reflecting hues of copper, red copper, and red violet, creating a multi-dimensional hair color.
Fall trends in makeup mean richer, deeper tones. Always use tones that compliment your skin tone. If your skin is a warm tone, than shades of coppery pinks, browns, and reds will compliment the best.
If you are cooler, shades of plums and red-violets work best.  Chateau Salon


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