Men going retro

It’s guest blog Wednesday and Christine from Chateau Salon has a few things to say about men and their hair.
Believe it or not, Men are way more self aware than they let you
believe! The days of carrying a comb in their back pockets, sliding in
through their bang, and proudly muttering “aaaaayyyyyy” are rapidly
approaching once again.
Many men are going for the “mad men” look. A very tight cut on the
sides and long and side parted on the top. There are quite a few
variations on this style, where a guy can choose to wear a subtle
version of it, or a very exaggerated version. Men that have a
professional career and prefer to not style it on weekends would be a
better candidate for a subtle approach, whereas men who would like a
constant style and don’t mind recreating it each morning, would be
better off having the sides of their hair clipped down pretty low,
and very long on top. Picture Leo DiCaprio in “Titanic”.  The style
would normally require a high shine, like a slick look, for it to be
true to the time. In the 1920s, the use of high shine pomades or
“grease” was popular, and no brands like Amerian Crew, Imperial, and
even Axe, have modernized it and made the product more user friendly.
Pompadours and side parts are all the rage, and some have acquired
such names as “the hitler youth” and it’s most popular amongst
young professionals or artistic types of men, many of which have gone
as far as wearing flood slacks, business socks, saddle shoes, and even
suspenders. It’s a great look, and the retro craze has made a lot
of otherwise simple men able to carry even a slight bit of trend.
Over the past few years, the precentage of men who are more fashion
forward or even more self aware has sky-rocketed. More men are
switching from using simply gel, and body wash as a shampoo, which has
made barbers cringe for years. More men now will spend more money on
their appearance, thus buying items like preshave, bowl and brush
creams, shampoos, conditioners, pomades or hair creams, and I have to
say, are doing a stellar job.  If you have any further questions
please feel free to call. We are a highend salon with a high end
barbershop counterpart. We have access to master stylists who have
done events in NYC, models and celebs.  I’m confident that the salon staff could
guide you in any direction you may need! Christine Modica

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